Life At Dotzoo

If you enjoy what you do and are excited about it, everything else is just distraction. At Dotzoo Inc., we are very very passionate most of the times and have enough of distractions for in-between periods.

The pull of passion

The web designers regularly getting new lessons in usability and Web 2.0 standards. The SEOs were still grappling with the last algorithm update when a new one launched. The content writers are learning about persuasive and more interpretive copywriting and Latent Semantic Indexing. The developers are doing more innovative things which can't be explained here.(It's written by a content guy!)

In a Nutshell

Working at Dotzoo Inc. employees are getting as much fun as it is challenge. Every project has strict deadlines and more important is to satisfy the clients. You also believe that the web is a fast evolving place and only the best can keep up with the pace of it. The best should also be aware how to combine work with fun and stay cool.

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